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Product name: Resin filter screen


Detailed information


1. It is made of acid and alkali resistance synthetic resin material which is imported biological filtration material from Japan.

2. Chemical resistance, water resistance, light resistance, flame resistance, water permeability, air permeability characteristics;

3.  With super water permeability, can be repeated washing, recycling use;

4.  Long service life, can guarantee the water using more than 5 years without loose;

5.  The product does not contain chlorine and other harmful substances, so after treatment, no harm to the environment.




1. Automobile spray paint room, factory painting workshop.

2. Central air conditioning pipe filter.

3. Condensing water and reduce noise,separate water and grease.

4. Washing tower adopts mist eliminating rug instead of washer ball fillings material. Have the features of high humidity, environment filter of high dust quantity.

5. sewage sludge treatment plant, water plant, cooling tower, swimming pool, pond, breed egg collection, etc.

Common dimension:

1.    500x500x25mm 

2.  500x500x50mm



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